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Prayers please

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KCCC 대학생 선교회 컨퍼런스 기간 동안의 간증과 기도 제목입니다.




Higher Calling

Currently, it is 8:52 PM on Wednesday, January 6. It's been a chaotic few days making sure all is set and going well for this conference. I've been entrusted with the operations/logistics for this year's conference. Talking with the hotel staffs, communicating our team's needs, working out the kinks, it's been draining. And I've been swept up by all the work. I just wanted to pause and ask all of you, my partners, to pray for this conference and the 260 people in attendance. I've had to deal with a fire marshal, an uncooperative general manager, countless misplaced items, power surges, etc. It has been frustrating and I have been more irritated than joyful. And that's why I need to stop and ask for your prayers.

This year's theme is go beyond: going beyond ourselves, our own thoughts of God, our own wants, everything for His kingdom. It's not about them, it's not about me. My work is all behind the scenes but I need to pray and ask you to pray for me so that I am aware that God is who is glorified beyond all things. It is the second night and we are reminded that God is so much  more than we make him out to be. He is greater than faulty sound systems, He is greater than stuffy rooms, He is greater than all things. Please join me in praying for these students. Pray that their hearts will go beyond themselves as the Spirit reveals what they need to surrender in order to love and serve our glorious God. Please pray for the staffs to serve with joyful hearts. We will be tired but we will have joy. Pray for us please! I've attached some images so that I coudl share pictures of the conference. God is good and that's why Higher Calling will be good. Conference will conclude on Friday. There is still so much God can and will do. Please partake in praying for greater things that are to come in the next two days. Thank you.











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