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아트클래스 (동양화)




4 Weeks


About the Course

오 승연 ( 은 수묵화, 민화를 엘에이, 플러튼에서 가르칩니다.

학생 그림 인스타그램 주소:

강사 인스타그램 주소:

Your Instructor


Ms. Oh’s philosophy and approach to teaching Oriental Ink Painting to diver student population is to provide an enriching learning environment where students learn by first observing demonstrations of her professional skills and knowledge and then developing their own skills and understanding under her insightful guidance most appropriate for each student. Her students learn about the beauty of the ancient art of Oriental Ink Painting through intricate variations of lines, shapes, and colors that are represented with pure simplicity. Ms. Oh provides a very rare opportunity to the greater Los Angeles Community to learn about and gain an appreciation for traditional Oriental art.

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